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FleishmanHillard Toronto Wins CAMP Award for Best Integrated Campaign.

Every minute, somewhere, someone wins an award. But we all know it’s not so much the award itself that’s special; it’s what that award represents. Think of it as a reassuring voice telling you “you’re on the right path,” in the wise, all-knowing baritone of Morgan Freeman.

Recently we reached a milestone when our #SiteUnseen campaign won the CAMP Marketing Award for Integration. Our project with the Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA) started off as a typical request for traditional media relations, but we knew there was a bigger story to tell. To connect with Ontario drivers in a way that would make them rethink their behavior around road construction sites would require more than just media relations. That’s why we proposed an integrated campaign that would bring to life the story of road workers through a series of videos, social engagement paid media placements and traditional PR.

Being challenged to switch gears and enter unfamiliar territory is not what ORBA expected when they approached us, but they realized it’s what they needed. They joined us on this journey because they recognized the importance of integration in building an authentic reputation. They understood that a brand’s story is made up of many pieces, and that you need a puzzle master to make sure they all fit.

We’ve always operated in a world where the stories we tell are just the beginning of the conversation and thanks to technology this has become the status quo. Conversations about companies are happening every second, with or without them. An organization’s public image is built on everything from the way a CEO conducts themselves in public, to their social posts, to the ads people see on the streets – it’s all connected.

Dealing with increasingly complex connections over an infinitely broader set of platforms is what makes achieving true integration so challenging. And for ORBA it meant seeing beyond just marketing or PR and understanding that truly effective communications speak across all mediums consistently. From advertising and paid media, to social and digital, to public affairs and engaging government; it all comes back to one central thing, reputation. Asking yourself, “What does my audience really think of me and my brand?” Every communication, in every channel, impacts your reputation and that affects how any message you’re trying to communicate is received.


From left to right: Helene LaRochelle, Creative Director, FleishmanHillard, Geoff Wilkinson, Executive Director at ORBA, Allan West, President of the Board of Directors, ORBA, Jacob Porpossian, Digital Strategy & Creative Program Director, FleishmanHillard

From left to right: Helene LaRochelle, Creative Director, FleishmanHillard; Geoff Wilkinson, Executive Director at ORBA; Allan West, President of the Board of Directors, ORBA; Jacob Porpossian, Digital Strategy & Creative Program Director, FleishmanHillard.


At the end of the day building our reputation isn’t about awards, it’s about finding the best possible solution to a client’s problem. When ORBA reached out to us about this project, we made sure to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Find a way to promote ORBA’s core message and help build their reputation.

Winning this award may be one small step for FleishmanHillard Canada, but it’s a big leap forward in recognizing the important role of reputation in integrated communications.