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Run, Run, Run as FHast as you can!

FleishmanHillard raises over $10,000 for Pathways to Education – working to help break the cycle of poverty through the power of education  

by Jude Hirman

On September 11, FH Toronto participated in the annual Longboat Toronto Island Run to raise funds for Pathways to Education. For the past 15 years Pathways to Education has delivered a unique mix of academic, social, financial and individual support to help low-income youth graduate from high school and break the cycle of poverty through the power of education.

image1 The Toronto office set the bar high with a fundraising goal of $7, 500 and if met, FH would contribute an extra $2,500 for a grand total of $10,000. With only $1000 raised 10 days before the run, our goal seemed lofty and impossible. But, much like the 5/10 km run itself, once we gained momentum there was no stopping us. We organized a bake sale, homemade wine sale, raffle tickets and reached out to anyone and everyone we knew. The donations came flooding in and we reached our goal two days before the run. But it didn’t stop there; the funds kept rolling in right up until the gun went off to start the race.

 Prior to race day, the support from fellow interns to senior leadership was incredible, the FH Toronto team ran like a well-oiled machine, each playing his or her part to ensure the success of our fundraising efforts. As a brand new intern, I wasn’t sure what to expect at my first FH outing. But come race day I was impressed, again, by the FH enthusiasm. It was great to see the number of non-runners who showed up to Toronto Island and boisterously cheered as they held giant signs motivating us runners to “RUN FHAST.” And the runners? Well, we RAN FHAST!


As FH celebrates its 70th birthday, it was awesome to see our renewed commitment to social inclusion shine through during the entire fundraising effort. I think each of us feels a sense of pride in not only accomplishing what seemed impossible, but also knowing that together we’ve contributed to a cause that will have a positive long-term effect on today’s disadvantaged youth. And personally, I couldn’t have asked for a better first FH outing!