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Crafting a Compelling Story: Top Ten Tips

Charles Muggeridge, SVP & Partner, Reputation Management

I desperately need to get my start-up business story out there. How can you help me make that happen?

My colleague Leslie Walsh and I met with a roomful of really smart start-up companies at MaRS yesterday to discuss this challenge.

Because the tough reality is most people, including the audiences that matter most, don’t care about what you have to say. They aren’t immediately buying what you have to sell. And you, the marketer, care a lot — because you live, breathe and sleep your company’s story. So getting them to care is a really hard thing to do and it takes a lot of work.

Here are ten tips that my colleague Leslie and I discussed with the group: Top 10 Tips. They are not answers, but they will help get you to the answers. Because the most important thing is getting your story heard and the biggest part of that is having a story that is truly worth listening to.

We also touched on FleishmanHillard research around the nine drivers that shape people’s perceptions about industries and brands. With a large portion of participants focused in the healthcare sector, we shared insights into what expert consumers expect from companies in the health IT space. Not surprisingly, innovation came out on top.

FleishmanHillard's Authenticity Gap on Canadian Health IT

FleishmanHillard’s Authenticity Gap on Canadian Health IT

So the next time someone comes to you and says we really need to get an announcement out about this approval, or research, or product launch, or round of funding, step back, carve out the time and use these tips as a guide. Have the discipline to ask honestly: why should they care? And once you have an answer to that you have a foundation for a communications plan. Until you have a story that you feel sure they want to listen to, a communications strategy will fall flat.

FleishmanHillard's Charles Muggeridge and Leslie Walsh discuss how to create a compelling story.